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Nursery Catalog

Here is our 2017 catalog:
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Retail Store (open October through December)
19825 Hwy 18,
Raymond, MS

3958 Oakley Road,
Raymond, MS

Nursery Hours:
Monday – Friday
7:30 am – 3:30 pm 
318-748-6732 (office)

For over 100 years since our founding in 1906, Bass Pecan has populated pecan orchards throughout the United States with quality trees. During much of the Twentieth Century, Bass was the largest pecan tree nursery in the world. Now, we grow and manage our own orchards as well, making us unique in the nursery industry. Our personal experience in our own orchards give us insight that others don’t have.

Much of our root stock is grown from seeds originating in our own orchards using a proprietary specialized germinating system to provide maximum growth in young trees. The scion wood used in all our grafted selections is cut by our staff from our own orchards to ensure trees are true to variety.

Our Root-Max™ trees are grown in patented root training containers designed to create dense fibrous root systems which lead to better survivability and faster growth. After planting your Root-Max™ tree, you will see faster growth and earlier production.

Our Mini-Max™ program provides 5″x5″x12″ containers for pecan trees and 4″x4″x10″ containers for all other species. The bottomless pots may be mini in size, but inside, the maximum fibrous root system will ensure the most favorable start possible. Best of all we can now ship our Mini-Max™ trees via UPS at an economical price!

Our young Creek Pecan Orchard Our young Creek Pecan Orchard