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Avalon Pecan Tree

(Caddo x Gloria Grande)  Type II.  47 nuts/lb.  54% kernel

Avalon is a new patented pecan cultivar from the University of Georgia. It is low input and highly disease resistant. Pecan Scab resistance is similar to Elliott, Gafford, and McMillan.  Avalon has a very high quality kernel and an early, mid-season nut maturity. Also recommended for organic or low-input applications. Avalon is patented and has a $3 royalty.

Characteristic Value
Cultivar Avalon*
Pollination Type II
Nuts per lb 48
% Kernel 54
Harvest Date Oct. 4
Scab Resistance Excellent
Best Pollinators Amling, Caddo, Excel, Gafford, Oconee