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Populating Orchards Since 1906

For more than 100 years since our founding in 1906, Bass Pecan has been populating pecan orchards throughout the United States with quality trees. This year we are pleased to announce we are partnering with Sam Stokes Nursery in Forest Hill, Louisiana. See more below..

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About Bass Pecan Nursery

Bass Pecan Company has provided pecan trees for pecan orchards around the world. We are now partnering with Sam Stokes Nursery in Forest Hill, Louisiana. Working together we will be able to provide a larger selection of pecan trees along with more container sizes to choose from. Preorders will have the option of pickup in Raymond or Forest Hill. In the 2024-2025 season, all production and distribution will shift to Sam Stokes Nursery. Their knowledgeable staff are producing top quality pecan trees and will be available to answer your questions about your pecan tree needs. Please feel free to contact either Bass Pecan Nursery or Sam Stokes Nursery in regards to your pecans trees for the upcoming season. As always, we here at Bass will be available to help with your orchard plan and selecting the appropriate pecan trees to attain your goals. Thank You for your continued support.

Pecan Tree Planting Guide

When you plant trees, you are investing in future bounty and beauty. We can start leading you through this process with the planting guide presented here.

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