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Caddo Pecan Tree

(USDA Brooks X Alley) Type I. 70 nuts/lb. 54% kernel.

Caddo is precocious (begins producing at an early age) and pecan production remains consistently high throughout maturity. The nut of the tree is medium sized with a football shape (round in middle with pointed tips.) The kernel is well filled and has an attractive golden color. Caddo has an early harvest date and is an excellent shelling nut with a high percentage of halves.

Characteristic Value
Cultivar Caddo
Pollination Type I
Nuts per lb 70
% Kernel 54
Harvest Date Oct. 7
Scab Resistance Mediocre
Best Pollinators Avalon, Cherryle, Elliott, Gafford, Kanza, Lakota, Syrup Mill