Elliott pecan halves

Bass Pecan is your one-stop-shop for premium-quality Elliott pecan halves. Our Elliott pecan halves are grown and harvested right here in the heart of Mississippi, where the warm climate and rich soil create the perfect conditions for these delicious nuts to thrive. The base of operations is an almost 500-acre farm.

At Bass Pecan, we are committed to providing our customers with the freshest and highest-quality Elliott pecan halves available. Our pecans are carefully selected and handpicked, ensuring that only the best nuts make it into each and every order.

Since 1906, Bass Pecan Company has provided Elliott pecan halves to the public. They are freshly harvested and carefully graded from our orchards to your table. Our Elliott pecan halves are the highest quality ready to be shipped for your enjoyment. We only sell the current year’s Elliott pecan halves from mid-October through December to ensure maximum freshness and quality.

Whether you’re a fan of Elliott pecan halves for snacking, baking, or cooking, you’ll find everything you need at Bass Pecan. Our Elliott pecan halves are perfect for making pecan pies, topping salads, or simply enjoying as a healthy and delicious snack.

Just like fresh fruits and vegetables, Elliott pecan halves are perishable and should always be stored in sealed plastic containers in the refrigerator or the freezer to prevent oxidation from occurring. The good oils, vitamins and minerals oxidize and decline when the Elliott pecan halves are left out at room temperature.

An updated website,, makes it easy for customers around the world to have Elliott pecan halves shipped directly to them.

When you shop with Bass Pecan, you can trust that you are getting the best quality and best tasting Elliott pecan halves available. So why wait? Order your pecans today and taste the difference that comes with buying from a trusted source like Bass Pecan.