1. How do I place an order?

For pecans, you can complete your order online at our website at; call us at 601-488-7675 during the fall, or come by our store at 19470 Highway 18, Raymond, MS 39154.

2. How do I place an order to pick up at your store?

Please call 601-488-7675 and speak to one of our staff. They will take your order and payment information and hold your order.

3. When do you begin selling pecans?

Pecans are harvested October through December. The timing of the harvest of each variety varies during the fall each year. Please check the website for the pecan varieties in stock at that time.

4. Do you sell last year’s pecans?

No, we only sell the current year’s crop to ensure the freshness and quality.

5. What goes into harvesting your pecans?

We harvest by variety. A mechanical tree shaker is used to shake the mature nuts from the trees. While our harvesters pick up the nuts, rocks, and leaves; it blows out the trash. Next, the shrivels and pops are removed. The pecans then go to our sizer to ensure that each nut you receive is the right size. Our nuts are dried to 4% moisture to ensure a crisp pecan. Last, the nuts are bagged and weighed to head into our store. Pecans will continue to lose moisture as they age at room temp. Some weight may be lost after bagging.

6. How do I store my pecans?

Just like fresh fruits and vegetables, pecans are perishable and should always be stored in sealed plastic containers in the refrigerator or the freezer to prevent oxidation from occurring. The good oils, vitamins and minerals oxidize and decline when the pecans are left out at room temperature.

In Shell pecans should be stored in a cool, dry place for immediate use. Cracked pecans should be shelled as soon as possible, air dried and placed in a sealed plastic bag. Shelled pecans should also be stored in a sealed plastic bag.

In order to get the healthiest benefits from your pecans, store them in the refrigerator up to 3 months or in the freezer up to 2 years.

7. What is the difference between Almost Shelled and Shelled Pecans?

Almost Shelled Pecans start as pecans you purchase from us in the shell. We crack your pecans on one of our many crackers. Next, our sheller and blower separate and remove the shell from the nut meat. This process removes approximately 80 to 90% of the shell, with mainly halves and pieces remaining.  Once you have your Almost Shelled Pecans home, you should visually inspect each kernel for shell pieces caught in the grooves of the nut or for a shell that was not removed. You will receive the amount of pounds ordered, which is approximately two times the pounds that start the process. 

When you purchase our shelled pecans, not only have the pecans gone through the cracking, shelling and blowing processes, but a trained individual, along with a computerized electronic photo eye, has visually inspected the pecans for you. You might find a small piece of shell in the bag of shelled pecans as even the most trained eye can lose sight of all the little pieces occasionally.