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The Best Pecan Tree

Often, we are asked “What’s the best pecan tree to plant?” Our answer, it depends. It is truly a personal preference.  Are you just planning to plant a few trees in your yard for your family to enjoy the fruits of your labor? Or are you planning to start a commercial operation and sell to a wholesaler or perhaps start a retail enterprise?

The entire pecan industry has shifted its focus in the last couple of years due to storms and rising fuel and fertilizer prices. It’s a shift Bass Pecan made many years ago as we noticed that our customers wanted to have pecans but not make it their life’s work. The focus now is on Low-Input pecan trees.

As a woman, I equate low-input pecans to be similar to women getting their hair done.  Some of us just run in for a haircut.  Others of us spend hours at a salon getting cut, color, highlights, straightener and a blow-out. We all get the haircut, but some of us choose a low maintenance approach and some a high maintenance approach.  The same could be said in pecan trees.

What pecan is best from the growing perspective may be somewhat dissimilar to what is best from the eating perspective. Low-input trees don’t necessarily make the best looking or largest pecan.

All that being said, if you are looking for a few trees for the yard, might I suggest Amling, Gafford or Jackson?

Amling, a type 1 tree, holds it leaves longer than most so it will look beautiful in the yard until late fall/early winter. It also needs no spraying and very little maintenance to grow a good pecan. Gafford, another type 1 tree, is the most disease resistant and pest free tree available to date which makes it an excellent choice for the yard. Jackson, yet another type 1, is known for being both a great landscape tree due to its leaf retention and its very large nuts.

 Of course, you will still need a type 2 pollinator such as Elliott or Lakota. Elliott is grown largely with little or no spraying over the deep south. Lakota has excellent disease resistance and pollinates the type 1 varieties well.

Want to talk more about what trees to grow in your yard or orchard? Give us a call at 601-857-6177 and we will be happy to talk “Pecans” all day long!